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Birthing your baby under water (or “waterbirth”) in a specially designed tub can provide relaxation for women during their labor and a smooth transition for your baby coming into the world. 

There are many benefits of waterbirth including provides pain relief, decreasing the need for medical interventions, reduces blood pressure, reduces fear and stress levels, increases concentration, may reduce incidence, severity of tearing and the need for episiotomies, increases mobility and ease of changing positions, increases feeling of control and may speed up labor. 

During a waterbirth, as with all of our births at Columbus Community Hospital, our goal is to provide high quality, expert medical care along with the highest level of attention and compassion to your needs. 

Waterbirth momBirthing Tub

We call this our One-to-One Care,™ and we focus on making sure that the birth of your baby and your first days together are as safe, comfortable and satisfying an experience as possible.

To learn more about waterbirths, please contact Dr. Larson at 920-623-1405 or Dr. Kennedy at 920-623-9611. To schedule a tour or to register for one of our classes, call 920-623-2200.

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