Columbus 4K students make and donate quilt

What has 20 squares, filled with the imagination and made with love? Answer: a quilt.

Sherry Quamme and her daughter-in-law Sudha Quamme had the unique experience of instructing a Columbus Elementary School 4-year old Kindergarten class in the art of quilt making during two special days in the month of November. The opportunity presented itself when Sherry and Suhda were approached by the teacher to be a guest presenter to the class.  

The purpose of the project was to make a quilt and donate it to the Columbus Community Hospital Emergency Department for a child. Each child made a 9-inch by 10-inch square and the squares were then sewn into the quilt.

The children were asked to draw whatever was important to them and to use the colors they liked. Once fabric square was complete, Suhda pressed them so it was sealed and ready for placement on the backing.

Because the sewing machine had a speed adjustment, each student learned how to use the sewing machine and the pedal, with assistance from Sherry.

 “Four year olds have enough coordination with their feet, eyes and hands to be able to do the sewing,” said Sherry. “It’s all in controlling the speed in how fast the machine sews.”

Sixteen children participated in the project.

Pictured are Sherry Quamme, the Columbus Elementary School 4K class that made the quilt, and LuAnne Reuter, CCH Emergency Department Manager accepting the quilt.