Meet Kate Skaggs, MD, OB/GYN

“My first job out of residency was with Physicians Plus for six years, where I also maintained my associate professorship with the UW-Madison,” said Dr. Skaggs. “I then joined the team at Watertown Memorial Hospital, where I learned the challenges and special joy of working in a rural setting.”

After spending time practicing in Wisconsin, Dr. Skaggs took a position in Colorado at the Vail Valley Medical Center. “Vail has a surprisingly sophisticated hospital for a mountain setting, but every decision I made had to factor in available local resources – the weather, availability of helicopter and other transport options and mountain passes.” said Dr. Skaggs.

Her love for the mountains began back in high school when she lived a year in the Swiss Alps as an AFS exchange student. “I absolutely loved it and became fluent in French,” she said.

“After 10 years in the mountains, I came home to family and Watertown, WI,” said Dr. Skaggs. In 2011, her husband passed away unexpectedly. “The experience brought me even closer to family and friends.” 

“I started at Columbus Community Hospital and fell in love with it,” said Dr. Skaggs, who still spends time in Colorado visiting her children.

Dr. Skaggs offers a full array of women’s healthcare services with special interest in high and low risk pregnancy with natural birth options, as well as the ability to provide highly skilled emergency care.

She also offers options for birth control and menopausal needs, as well as preventative healthcare with bone and heart health, for women from their teens to later years. She has special training in bereavement (including perinatal loss, cancer loss and family losses) and difficult life transitions (such as menopause, illness and the special needs of caregivers).

“I’ve been happily providing personalized and experienced care for women of all ages for 24 years,” said Dr. Skaggs. “I’m grateful to be welcomed to Columbus Community Hospital!”