Bra and breast prosthesis program at CCH

At Columbus Community Hospital (CCH) we understand that each woman who goes through a mastectomy has their own concerns and lifestyle needs. That’s why CCH Breast Health Nurse Specialist Cathy Butterbrodt is a certified fitter offering patients caring, individualized and private service in fitting breast forms (prosthesis) and bras. She fits people not only for mastectomy but also people who’ve had a significant lumpectomy and are a cup size smaller on one side.

Mastectomy fitters carry out the physician's orders by measuring a patient for proper fitting of external breast prosthesis, bras and other related post-mastectomy products. They are trained and certified and are an integral part of the physical and emotional healing for patients. They provide instruction and training on how to properly use and maintain the post-mastectomy products as well as provide ongoing adjustments and revisions when needed.

Cathy works closely with each patient to find the right size and style prosthesis and bra that will restore a natural look.

Before your first visit

You may need a prescription from your primary or referring physicians. Also make sure to have your insurance information with you at your visit. Most insurance providers as well as Medicare cover both the breast prosthesis and the bra. If you have insurance other than Medicare please confirm with your insurance company regarding coverage and when you are entitled to a new prosthesis and bra. Medicare guidelines states that you may get up to 10 bras per year and new prosthesis every two years. If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover bras and prosthesis please call our Breast Health Specialist for information about programs that will pay for your bras and prosthesis.

Your first visit

Our general recommendation is to come in for your first fitting two to six weeks after surgery.

You will be measured and correctly fitted for a prosthesis and you also will discuss options for bras with the fitter. Your prosthesis and bra will be custom ordered, unless it is an in-stock item. Orders typically arrive within one week. Then you will return to your fitter every 1 to 2 years to be refit unless you experience significant weight loss or gain or there is damage to the prosthesis.

For more information on obtaining mastectomy bras and prosthesis please contact the CCH Breast Health Nurse Specialist, Cathy, at (920) 623-6434.