Join us June 1 for Safety Fun Night!

Enjoy snacks and games!
Two lucky winners will receive $100 toward the purchase of a new bike!

The Columbus Community Hospital Emergency Department is sponsoring a safety fun night 5-7 p.m., June 1 at Columbus Community Hospital. The evening, designed to provide community members with the information they need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, is a collaborative effort of Columbus Community Hospital, the Columbus Police Department, LifeStar Ambulance, and Med Flight.

All ages are welcome to participate in the event which includes information, education and demonstrations regarding: seatbelt safety, bicycle safety, texting and driving, 911, hands only CPR, campfire safety, first aid, concussions, car seats, fall prevention, blood pressure, drunk driving, medication disposal, fire extinguishers, and pet safety.

Those attending will also have the opportunity to tour a fire truck, an ambulance and see inside a Med Flight helicopter.

For more information contact Columbus Community Hospital at 920-623-1280 or